Did You Know Basketball Facts?

 1. Inventors  Vision of the Game

 Dr. Naismith envisioned the game to be two 15-minute halves, with five minutes rest between? Later on in 1946, the BAA changed the two halves to four quarters of 12 minutes each to give fans more basketball for their buck.


2. Pre-Game Ball Count

NBA team gets 9 balls for pre-game warm-up. All balls must be an officially approved NBA ball between 7.5 lbs and 8.5 lbs.  

3. Most Playoff Coach Wins

Phil Jackson considered by some as the greatest NBA coach has the most playoff wins with 229? Wow! Next with 171 playoff wins is Pat Riley.

4. Highest Scoring NBA Game

 The highest-scoring NBA regular season game was between the Detroit Pistons and Denver Nuggets on December 13, 1983? The game went into triple overtime with a combined score of 370 points, the Pistons defeated the Nuggets 186–184. 

5.  Shaquille O'neall The Rapper??

 Shaquille O'Neal had a rap hit? What's up Doc? We admit, this was one of our favorite songs to listen to playing basketball! 

6. King of the Shoe Market

 Michael Jordan retired from the NBA in 2003, he is still king of the basketball shoe market? He leads the league in the biggest shoe deal this year @ $110 million dollars .

7. Jumping out the Gym

 Wilt "the Stilt" Chamberlain holds the record for the highest vertical jump in NBA history?  Standing at 7'1 you wouldn't think someone that tall had a vertical jump of 48 inches. 

8.  Unbeaten record remains 

 Micheal Jordan career's record of points still remains unbeaten?  Even-though he retired 15 years ago, his career score of 5,987 points remains an unbeaten achievement. Will it ever be done? 

9.  Milwaukee "Robins" Bucks

In 1968 when the Milwaukee Bucks were founded they held a fan contest to name the team?  Majority of the city voted for the name "Robin's", the state bird. The owners decided to go with the second place entry "Bucks". Wow, could you imagine saying the Milwaukee Robins.

10.  The Dunk Shot?

The term "Slam Dunk" used to be known as a "Dunk Shot"? The new term was named by former Los Angeles Lakers announcer Chick Hearn.

11. Most 3 pointers Made

Ray Allen holds the record for the most made 3 pointers in NBA history with 2,973? For 3... In 2nd place is Reggie Miller with 2,560. 

12. The Greek Freak

Star Yon-nis Ad-edo-koon-bo, AKA The Greek Freak is of both Greek and Nigerian descent? It's hard to believe with a wingspan of 7'0", Giannis didn't start playing basketball until age 13. 

13. Medical School

Paul Gasol enrolled in medical school at the University of Barcelona before his basketball career took off? But, it was inevitable that he only pursue and conquer his ultimate passion of becoming a professional NBA player. 

14.  Before March Madness

The NIT tournament use to take precedence over the NCAA tournament untill the 1970s?? No way... They got smart & started to bar teams from playing in other postseason tournaments if they declined an invitation to March Madness.

15.  NCAA Coach Titles

 The legendary UCLA's John Wooden leads the way with 10 mens national  basketball championships.  Among active men's coaches, Duke's Mike (Coach K) Krzyzewski is next with 4 national titles. UConn women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma has won nine. 

16.  One Day

There are seven NBA franchises that have never made an appearance in the NBA Finals? They are Bobcats, Clippers, Hornets, Grizzlies, Nuggets, Timberwolves, and Raptors. 

17. Larry Who?

 The winner of NBA finals receives a huge trophy called the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy? 🤔 The trophy was named after the former NBA commissioner in 1984.

18. Mom I need a Cosigner

When Kobe Bryant was drafted, his parents had to cosign his 1st NBA contract because he was only 17?

19.  NCAA Men's Basketball

The first NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament was held in 1939? But wait..... They only had 8 teams to compete! No fun in that bracket challenge.

20.  MVP Awards

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds the record for the most won NBA MVP awards? He won the award a record-setting 6 times in his career. In 2nd is Michael Jordan with 5 and 3rd place is Lebron James with 4.